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Digital Marketing Strategy

Working with Fortune 500 companies and top-tier brands has given our teams insight into how you can immediately improve your site or application.

Experience Design

With over 15 years of digital marketing experience we know how to create digital transformations and build campaigns that make an impact to customers and your bottom-line.

Accessibility Consulting

Don’t ignore millions of visitors. Digital accessibility is table-stakes for any online business. We can help you make your site WCAG-Compliant and train your team to maintain it.

“It's tough to find designers who are talented. It's even harder to find a team who can take aesthetically pleasing design and apply best-practices usability concepts to it. And finding someone in tune to the implications of design on sales & marketing, even harder. Simply put, Digital Bay fits the bill of all the aforementioned. Additionally, they are a delight to work with.”

Nathan Van Prooyen
CMO, TestDrive.com

How we work

Our Process

Everything we do starts with the question, “why?” We ask so we understand needs, goals and the best way to accomplish them.

There is nothing new under the sun. So we look at competitors and teams that have built something similar to what we want to build - and we do it better. Simple.

Design can range from a basic prototype to give us an idea of how something works, all the way up to a full-blown application design and associated branding and marketing collateral. We consider everyone on our team a desginer because every one of them designs the final product. From how software behaves to how it looks and works.

We love multi-disciplined teams, so every developer that touches the real code at Digital Bay is a full-stack engineer. This allows our developers to always use the right tool for the job - not just the one they know.

We love opinions, but we build solutions using facts and data. All our decisions come from objective observations and real user behaviors.