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With over 15 years of experience as art directors, creative directors, web developers, UX professionals, we know what needs to be done and how to do it.

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TJX Access Rewards

As the digital user experience lead at Kobie Marketing, I guided our client and our designers toward an elegant and functional experience that allows users quick and easy access to their loyalty information and brand messaging that's relevant to them.

As our team concepted each iteration, I was able to rapidly prototype the app to ensure that form followed functionality.

Once the experience was completely mapped out and the numerous prototypes were approved, I handled all the front-end development of the site in an Angular.js architecture.

As we worked more and more with Angular.js, we realized that we could push more of our client work into an angular architecture and streamline our development efforts.

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Verizon Small Biz Rewards

Working closely with the Verizon team and our internal designers I helped create experience maps that led to this award-winning website. Within weeks of its launch, we saw a dramatic increase in engagment metrics as well as drastically fewer customer complaints.

As we needed this site to be ready fast, we leaned heavily on a newer front-end framework that Verizon is now including as a requirement for all their digital assets. Being the guinnea pig with this framework allowed us a lot of insight into modular development.

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Working with Lego was one of our most fun experiences. We were able to design a program that allowed them to acquire and retain more members.

Pitching the client was where our team's talent really shined. We scripted and story-boarded a quick way to show off how we planned to engage users,and within a few days we were able to print their team a takeaway user journey, but it came with a fun video that explained how we got there.

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Villanova University

One of my main tasks in managing my experience & development team was producing reuable and customizable assets for rapid releases. I created a template for Villanova which was taken and tweaked in hundreds of different ways. With thorough testing and anaysis, we found that it out-performed designs that had been in use for years.

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Through amazing partnerships and API connections, our team was able to create a tool for Groupon that allowed affialte advertisers more control over their ads and distribution network.

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