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Justin Ramedia

About me

In life, I always like to leave things better than I found them. I believe in careless optimism and infectious positivity and the idea that anyone can help change the world. I've been fortunate enough over the past 15 years to work with some of the most talented and brilliant people in the marketing, technology and creative sectors.

As our world becomes increasinly digital, I’m always on the lookout for the new. I will ensure that your brand remains on the cutting-edge of technology and innovation by bringing along a fierce belief that good design and knowing your user can improve everything.

The Veil of Transparency

Occassionally I write about types of employees. If you own a business or are trying to learn more about corporate life, check out my series on coporate culture called The Veil of Transparency.

Learn the Rules Before you Break them

Learn the rules before you break them

Working with hundreds of designers and developers in my career, I’ve come across almost every type imaginable.

The best creatives from all these types, though, have one single thing in common. They understand the rules.


Where have all the Evangelists gone?

I’ve made a career out of enhancing the design, user-experience and culture at small- to medium-sized companies and I seem to run into a consistent personality that makes up a good-sized chunk of the work force at these organizations. Not bad employees, just not incredible employees.

My call will always be to them. If you're out there, we are listening.

Netflix and learn

How Netflix started the UX revolution

Would you call Netflix a user experience company? Most probably wouldn’t, but it’s at the heart of every move they’ve made over the course of their existence. Just like Apple is heralded as a design-company first and foremost, I would call Netflix a user-experience organization.

Take a look at how they are shaping media consumption.